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Lively and Energy Filled Events

the Sprague Events story

With her background in event planning, Harriett-Graham Kramer had a desire to establish her own wedding planning business. She started the business as a side job while also working full time in university Student Affairs. Shortly after starting the business, due to increased interest and growth, Harriett-Graham left her full time job to solely focus on wedding planning.


From a dream that started at her kitchen counter to a successful business with an official home in downtown Greenville, Harriett-Graham is continuously humbled by the growth she has experienced with Sprague Events. With recognition to those who have supported and cheered her on, Sprague Events has become a well-known and respected wedding planning business in South Carolina. 


When naming the business, Harriett-Graham wanted to incorporate a unique family name. Sprague, meaning lively and energy filled, was an obvious choice.

Sprague White Logo.png

Meet Our Team

Ambitious, dedicated, creative, and energetic, Sprague Events has the ideal team for the wedding planning process and the execution of the wedding day. The Sprague Events team approaches every task and every person with positivity, kindness, and respect. With Harriett-Graham setting the tone and leading the way, the Sprague Events team has so much fun doing their jobs. 

Our Philosophy

Harriett-Graham and the Sprague Events team strives to create weddings that are specifically designed for each client's unique style and personality. Anchored by experienced, organized, and detail-oriented planning, the Sprague Events team prides themselves on providing memorable experiences for clients and guests.

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A Calm and

Organized Spirit

Harriett-Graham, also known as "HG," was born and raised in South Carolina. She grew up surrounded by event planning as well as floral and interior design. Harriett-Graham's background and eye for design are only complimented by her organized and detailed personality, which allows for thoroughness when planning events.

Harriett-Graham loves to turn a vision into reality. She is naturally a behind the scenes person who loves to coordinate and watch a perfect event unfold. Seeing her clients happy and care-free the day of an event is one of her favorite aspects of the job.

Harriett-Graham is an alumna of Presbyterian College. She also received a Masters degree from Clemson University.


Harriett-Graham and her husband, Reed, reside in Greenville. ​In her free time, Harriett-Graham loves spending time with Reed and their adorable dog, Hudson, traveling, seeing a show at the Peace Center, and just simply enjoying all Greenville has to offer.

Harriett-Graham Kramer
Owner and Executive Planner

A Vibrant and
Warm Presence

Jo joined the Sprague Events team in the summer of 2021. Not only does she serve as an Event Assistant, Jo is also the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Sprague Events. Jo is detail-driven, calm, courteous, approachable, hard working, and an overall vibrant person. These characteristics are all extremely valuable in her roles with Sprague Events. 

Jo is originally from the Atlanta area, and recently moved to Greenville with her husband, Josh. Jo is a proud alumna of the University of Georgia.

In her free time, Jo enjoys reading and spending time with Josh and their two dogs, Brinkley and Teddy. Fun fact: Jo is one of nine siblings.

Jo Eskew
 Event Assistant

A Compassionate

Brooke brings an energetic and compassionate presence to every wedding day. She has an eye for details and wants to ensure clients are happy and cared for throughout the day. Brooke is a recent graduate of The College of Charleston where she majored in psychology. Brooke joined the Sprague Events team in the fall of 2021.

In her free time, Brooke loves playing with her two dogs, spending time with friends, and traveling. Her favorite thing to do is take dance classes with friends.

Brooke Freeman
Event Assistant

A Creative and

Kind Hearted Soul

While Reed was the first Event Assistant for Sprague Events, you won't see him as often on wedding days. However, on occasion, he decides he wants in on the fun. With an undergraduate art degree, Reed brings a different perspective to every wedding day. His creative nature and kindness are welcomed personality traits on a wedding day. Reed is the perfect balance to HG, which makes them a dynamic duo when working together.

In his free time, Reed loves spending time with HG and their adorable dog, Hudson, going on long runs, and photographing beautiful landscapes.

Reed Kramer
Sprague Events' Biggest Fan
Occasional Event Assistant
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