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wedding planning is more than schedules, vendors, and to-do lists. Whether through the layout of a room, elaborate decor, or the little details everyone will notice, planning a wedding is about designing an experience that guests will never forget.
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As someone who plans events for a living, Harriett-Graham was one of the best investments of our wedding. She made sure everything was perfect down to the day of; calling audibles for weather and spacial constraints, and I didn't even know if anything did go wrong because she fixed it before I even knew about it. I hear I had a toddler hand print in my cake, and it was fixed so well I didn't even see it when we cut the cake. As someone who makes those calls regularly in my job, I trusted Harriett-Graham's judgement, and she was spot on. If you don't need a full fledged planner and event designer, at which Harriett-Graham is also great, at least invest in a stress free 24 hours so you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Harriett-Graham meets with you before the wedding, lets you know things you need to do if timing will be an issue, and most importantly calms your panic and reassures you it'll all be okay. You will not regret having Harriett-Graham on your team!


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